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Functions of Stage Lighting

Have you ever wondered how to tell if your stage lighting is necessary and effective throughout your production? Understanding the functions of stage lighting to better illustrate a production is essential in understanding your light plot.

VLS Careers – Rental Management

Interested in learning more about our careers in Rental & Production? We sat down with Carly Conroy, our Pittsburgh, PA Rental Manager to learn more about how she became interested in the live entertainment and event industry and how it led her to become a rental manager!

VLS Careers – Project Management

Interested in learning more about our careers in Project Management? We sat down with Emily Hope, our Pittsburgh, PA Project Manager to learn more about how she became interested in the theatrical industry and how it led her to become a project manager!

Two Minute Tuesday

Two-Minute Tuesday was launched after discovering that our customers wanted educational materials that could help them save money without sacrificing the quality of their lighting designs. For lighting and production effect tips, check out our Two-Minute Tuesday series.

Auditorium Learning: Lighting for the Socially Distant Classroom

While scrambling to find learning spaces that are large enough to fit the maximum student requirements and encourage learning and collaboration, you may find yourself wondering how to utilize the schools’ auditorium. If you’re thinking about turning your stage and auditorium space into a learning center but worry about lack of lighting, we’re here to help.

Lighting for Causes & Awareness

If you’re looking for ways to temporarily spread awareness, there are plenty of ways to illuminate your structure with your existing lighting infrastructure or rental equipment, check out this tip to learn how you can light up your exterior for any upcoming causes and awareness campaigns.

Lighting 101

Just as no two performances are exactly alike, there is no one proper way to light a stage or performance area. Fortunately, there are simple lighting design techniques that can help even beginners to get proper lighting for their productions. This guide will give you an overview of the jargon, techniques and ideas used to light a performance.

Lighting 102

The field of entertainment lighting was once limited to theater, film and television, but has grown to include retail, display, photography, education, worship services, themed attractions, corporate events and trade shows. This article provides basic lighting theory and practice that is recognized by the entertainment lighting industry, and simple principles and techniques of entertainment lighting.

Convert Your Auditorium Lights to LED

If you want to save energy costs on your auditorium lighting, consider retrofitting your houselight system to LED. In addition to energy and utility savings, you can brighten your space and reduce maintenance costs.

Moving Lights for Stage and Worship

Whether you call them movers, automated lights or intelligent fixtures, it’s tough to ignore the impact that automated luminaires have made on stage lighting design.

4 Items to Consider When Purchasing a New Lighting Console

Light boards, lighting desks, control consoles: whatever you call them, there are 4 key factors to consider when investing in a new console.