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Industry Affiliations & Associations

We are invested in the following organizations to enrich our knowledge and improve the services provided to our clients. By providing a paramount level of care in our operations, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA)

A non-profit trade association based in North America responsible for creating some of the most important programs in the industry, including the Technical Standards Program, Entertainment Technician Certification Program and Rental Guard. Members invest in the future of the entertainment technology industry and provide funding to increase safety through the development of standards and certifications; educating members and providing business resources to increase profitability; representing the interests of the industry to government, regulatory bodies, and related industries; and raising the bar for ethical and professional behavior.

Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)
Recognized Employer

An industry-wide program that has brought together an unprecedented group of industry organizations, business and individuals to create a program, of rigorous assessments to professional technicians. ETCP focuses on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers, and audiences.

Event Safety Alliance (ESA)

Dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution, ESA strives to eliminate the knowledge barrier that often contributes to unsafe conditions and behaviors through the promotion and teaching of good practices and the development of training and planning resources.

United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)

An association of design, production and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry, whose mission is to actively promote the advancement of the knowledge and skills of its members.

Behind the Scenes

A non-profit organization which provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they’re ill or injured.

USITT – Ohio Valley Section (OVS)

This is the regional chapter of the national organization representing the theatre technology interests of theatre professionals and educators, and students, serving Ohio, Kentucky and western Pennsylvania.


A cooperative purchasing program and serves as a conduit to encourage, expand and facilitate the opportunities for Members to achieve purchasing savings and best values through an interactive partnership with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Illumination Engineering Society of (IES)

As the Lighting Authority®, the IES seeks to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge and by translating that knowledge into actions that benefit the public.

International Live Events Association (ILEA)

An organization of special events planners and suppliers whose mission is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its global network of professionals.

Technical Standards Program (TSP)

The ESTA Technical Standards Program is the only ANSI-accredited standards program dedicated to the needs of the entertainment technology industry. The standards created under the TSP are used directly or indirectly every day by almost every manufacturer, dealer, installer, production company, event planner and end user. These standards prevent accidents, protect lives and property, save time and money, solve problems, inform the industry, and enhance creativity.

Theatre Communications Group (TCG)

As a non-profit, TCG exists to strength, nurture, and promote professional theatre in the United States and globally.

USITT – Midwest Section

This is the regional chapter of the national organization representing the theatre technology interests of theatre professionals and educators, and students in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.


International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

IAAPA is the premier trade association representing the diverse and ever-changing attractions industry. For over a century, they have connected companies of all sizes, and people of all levels, to provide meaningful experiences for their guests around the world.


At Vincent Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing clients with fresh and innovative lighting and rigging solutions utilizing the most current technology.

Considering that heavy fixtures and truss are situated overhead during many of our productions, extra care and safety is a critical focus for our team. As an ETCP-recognized employer, we have made a significant investment in our team members to ensure that on every needed engagement, a thorough safety review is conducted by one of our ETCP Certified staff members.

ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities in specific disciplines within the entertainment technology field, to ensure the highest level of safety for crew members, performers and audiences.

As our region continues to see revitalization and a corresponding spike in the number of upcoming large-scale corporate events, we have recognized the increased significance of having equipment for these events properly rigged by knowledgeable professionals. Our membership into the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is further evidence of our commitment to safety and accountability. In addition, we have spearheaded a local movement to encourage fellow production companies to join the safety movement and adhere to careful procedures throughout the event production and execution, to safeguard the well-being of guests.

With a full inventory of stationary and moving lights frequently suspended above performers and guests, our team works carefully in accordance with OSHA, ETCP, ESA and DOT to follow stringent standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.


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