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Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) has been in business since 1978. We’re experienced and passionate about what we’ve learned, and we love to share our knowledge with beginners, volunteers, and anyone who has an interest in lighting or lighting design. If you are looking for ideas on lighting your school play, lighting for a church function or special event, or are just interested in industry basics and trends, browse through the information we have compiled.

General Lighting Information

Lighting 101

A very basic overview of the general principles of basic stage lighting, fixture definition and general placement to achieve good lighting results. Great for a beginning student or volunteer.

Lighting 102

Building on the principles in Lighting 101, this guide discusses qualities and functions of lighting, as well as setting the mood and scene, by utilizing color and intensity of lighting.

Led 101

Basic knowledge helpful in considering transitioning from traditional light sources to LED luminaires. Building on the lessons available in our Lighting 101 and 102 documentation, LED 101 addresses the details of understanding LED lighting fixtures, powering LED lights, and controlling them.


Architectural LED 101

LED lighting systems have quickly evolved from “pie in the sky” solutions to standard equipment. This document will help you understand how LED technology can be applied to address your architectural design requirements while increasing your property’s value and efficiency. Gives a basic knowledge of the role played by LEDs in architectural lighting systems.

Architectural LED 102

Building on the principles in Architectural LED 101, this guide provides greater explanation of the terminology and technologies employed in architectural lighting and LED technology. Defines Color temperature, CRI, CQS, intensity & beam angle, lumen maintenance, as well as architectural dimming and control options.


Rigging 101

Automated rigging replaces traditional counterweight fly systems with digitally controlled motors. There are several different types of motorized rigging with many variations to fill the requirements needed. This guide discusses how motorized rigging can benefit your venue.

TV / Video Lighting

The Fundamentals of TV & Video Lighting

The evolution of television from the electronic transmission of pictures into a mass communications and artistic medium required the development of an entirely new lighting design art form. Although derived from the basic principles of still photography, the fundamentals of television lighting have evolved into a much more dynamic form to meet the needs of this uniquely demanding medium. This guide discusses the need for proper lighting, as well as ideal fixtures to use in studio and video lighting, as well as proper placement.

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