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Convert Your Auditorium Lights to LED

If you want to save energy costs in your auditorium, consider retrofitting your houselight system to LED. In addition to energy and utility savings, you can brighten your space and reduce maintenance costs.

When upgrading auditorium lighting, there are three basic LED retrofit options available:

  1. GOOD: LED Lamp replacements for existing fixtures with existing dimming.
    This is the most affordable option, but dimming results can vary, generally 10-20% dimming on the low end.
  2. BETTER: Fixture replacements with existing dimming.
    This option provides better dimming than LED lamp replacement, but it’s still not a precise of control as halogen lamps.
  3. BEST: Fixture replacement with digital control.
    This is the most precise control over dimming, but it’s also the highest cost, as extra wiring needs to be run in most cases.

Case Study: Miami University – Parrish Auditorium

Hamilton, Ohio

Working with Cincy Electrical Services LLC, the project team at Vincent Lighting Systems outfitted Parrish Auditorium at Miami University with an all-LED house lighting solution.

Our team created the full layout design, provided full photometric renderings of the space and also ROI calculations for the customer. The brightened room runs on a fraction of the original power.

What to Look for When Searching for a Reputable Company to Convert Auditorium Lighting

  • Photometric reports for results summary prior to investment
  • ROI justification to assist with funding request
  • Power consumption comparison and DLC info for utility company grants
  • Onsite demos
  • Documentation for electrical contractor work to be done
  • Ability, knowledge and experience to integrate with existing systems

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Miami University - Parrish Auditorium

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