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Lighting 102

The field of entertainment lighting was once limited to theater, film and television, but has grown to include retail, display, photography, education, worship services, themed attractions, corporate events and trade shows. This article provides basic lighting theory and practice that is recognized by the entertainment lighting industry, and simple principles and techniques of entertainment lighting.

While we refer to entertainment or stage lighting in general terms, basic principles of this industry pertain to the varied applications used in displays and designs in themed entertainment, worship services, photography, retail displays and more. There is always more than one way to approach entertainment lighting, and we encourage you to try new ideas and designs; this guide is to give you key general practices to create a simple, yet effective basic lighting design.

An expansion from our Lighting 101 guide, the VLS Lighting 102 article discusses more in-depth practices and theory behind lighting design. This includes:

Functions of Stage Lighting

Several criteria go into determining if stage lighting is necessary and effective. This includes visibility, revelation of form, placing the action, setting the mood, composition and reinforcing the story.

The Qualities of Light

Discussion in Lighting 102 transitions into defining the various qualities used to describe light, including intensity, color, distribution, and movement.

Stage Lighting Placement

Lighting 102 dives deeper into how to place fixtures, to create ideal lighting coverage and proper shadows, to define shapes on stage.

Controlling the Color of Stage Lighting

Understanding the primary colors of light is key to creating a great lighting color scheme. Lighting 102 also provides gel color suggestions, to help beginning lighting designers create a basic color palette to start, as well as explaining when you may need diffusion.

Control of Lighting and When to Use Which Fixture

This guide gives more in-depth information into understand control consoles and dimmers, as well as explaining the different fixtures available for stage lighting, and when to use which fixture.

Download the Vincent Lighting Systems Lighting 102 guide, to get a jump start on creating your lighting design and selecting the right fixtures to set up your design.

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