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VLS Now Accepting Applications for 2020 Internship Program

Students who wish to intern with VLS over the summer next year can apply for open spots in Cleveland, Cincinnati or Pittsburgh.

Technical theatre students can gain needed experience in an environment where you learn different facets of the entertainment and architectural lighting and rigging business. Our Internship Program builds the network, skills and development of aspiring professionals in the lighting and rigging industry.

The goal of the Vincent Lighting Systems Internship Program is to help build the network, skills and professional development of aspiring professionals in the lighting and rigging industry. The program is a three-way partnership between the intern, Vincent Lighting Systems, and the educational institution that is sponsoring the intern. Vincent Lighting wishes to create an environment for the intern where they can experience all different facets of the lighting and rigging business and gain knowledge and experience in each. Most up and coming professionals need exposure to different career paths to better refine their educational and professional goals. Vincent Lighting also uses the internship experience to evaluate an intern as a potential member of our team once they have completed their educational journey. At the same time, Vincent Lighting is also working to provide the educational sponsor with a link to the public sector both for industry and market networking but also to bring the latest technical innovations and ideas back for use in the educational sector.

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