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Strand NEO Licensing Changes

Changes are coming to Strand NEO console licensing. Vincent Lighting is able to extend a terrific offer to existing NEO customers to help maximize their console's capacity.

Effective June 1, 2020, all Strand NEO Series Consoles will transition to a new licensing model that simplifies customer decision-making and makes NEO more cost-effective at higher universe counts. After this date, we will simplify NEO’s universe licensing model to three tiers:

  • 4U Standard License – standard license for all NEO Series consoles sold after June 1, 2020. The license can also be purchased to upgrade consoles sold before June 1, 2020 to 4U.
  • 10U Upgrade License – will take any NEO with any number of universes up to 10U.
  • Unlimited Upgrade License – will take any NEO with any number of universes up to the maximum number that hardware can support (not available on NEO Compact 10).

Please note that all NEO products will now ship with four (4) universes of control as the default.  All these products previously had one (1) universe of control as the default.

Current NEO users can transition to 4 universes of control now through a special offer. Customers who purchased, and received a NEO product prior to June 1st 2020 will be able to purchase the new NEO 4u license at the previous upgrade price of $599. This promotional pricing is available only through September 30th 2020. Begining on October 1st, the 4u upgrade price for NEO will increase to $999.

To get more information about purchasing this upgrade for your NEO, please fill out the form below or contact your VLS salesperson.

To locate your serial number:

  1. Choose options from the display button bar
  2. Choose System Properties from the main menu
  3. Choose Registration Tab

(see below)