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Event Planner Tips: Why You Should Work with a Professional Lighting Company

When it comes to planning an event, lighting is often overlooked but in reality, it can be the secret ingredient that elevates any event from ordinary to extraordinary! However, before you start working just any lighting equipment, it is important to know that not all lighting fixtures are created equal. Consumer-level products are severely limited in their capabilities and cannot produce the same high-quality effects that professional gear can. Instead, planners should consider partnering with a professional lighting company. You’ll be able to access the fixtures you want and the skilled technicians you need to bring your vision to life.   

Let’s dive into the top 5 benefits of working with a professional lighting company: 

1. Expertise and Experience:  

You have a vision for lighting your event space, but how do you make it happen? Lighting technicians have the technical knowledge to understand how different lighting equipment and technologies work. They can also advise event planners on the best options to create the desired effects and can also suggest additional designs you may not have thought possible. 

2. Customized Lighting Designs:  

As every event planner knows, no two events are the same. Each venue, client, and theme require customized designs, colors, and effects. Professional lighting companies have the tools and resources to meet unique specifications. Whether you need a custom monogram projection, specifically timed effects, or an exact color match, technicians can do it without batting an eye.  

3. Quality Equipment:  

High-design results call for the use of high-end equipment. As we mentioned before, utilizing professional-grade equipment makes all the difference in the world. Basic consumer LEDs can provide small pops of color around the room while professional LEDs can change the color of an entire wall! Considering the quality of purely functional equipment is also a big must. Professional cables, generators, and controls need to be safe, dependable, and well-hidden in order to keep your event running smoothly. 

4. Time and Cost Savings:  

Professional lighting companies offer the ability to choose from different equipment and service packages, so you only pay for what you need. For small events, self-service rental options can include equipment delivery, brief product training, and pick-up. For more lavish events, you can choose to work with a full production team from set up to tear down without having to lift a finger.  

5. Enhance Attendee Experience:  

Think of lighting an event in terms of taking a selfie with a filter. We all know how the right filters can enhance the quality of a selfie – eliminating blemishes, brightening our eyes, and enhancing our skin tone. Implementing professional lighting is like putting an immersive filter on for a room allowing you to enhance the way your guests experience the event. Create designated walkways on the floor, accent food or activity stations, transform the ceiling into a view of the night sky – anything is possible! 

To sum it all up, working with a professional lighting company is essential for event planners who want to create stunning events that leave a lasting impression. Having a partner with the expertise, experience, and equipment to create customized lighting designs can transform any event into an immersive, high-design experience to remember.  

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