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BLINK 2019: Rumble the Singing Bridge Featured Session at USITT-OVS Fall Conference

For BLINK 2019, the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge will be bathed in light and sound. Be part of a behind-the-scenes discussion with Masary Studios and Vincent Lighting on Saturday, October 12, to learn what it took to put this together for the festival. This featured session will be presented at the USITT - OVS Fall Conference.

BLINK is back and brighter than ever, lighting up Greater Cincinnati once again and this year, Northern Kentucky is getting in on the action, thanks to Brave Berlin, MASARY Studios, Vincent Lighting, and the Roebling Bridge.

The light festival that brought crowds to downtown and Over-the-Rhine will spill into Covington, October 10-13.

There will be nearly two dozen new art installations and new things to experience. One of the more exciting additions is the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge — aka the Singing Bridge — will be bathed in light and sound.

“Our process for treating the bridge, bringing it to life, has been to visit it…sampling and recording the sounds of the bridge, of cars going over the bridge, sounds of the park and banks on either side,” says Ryan Edwards of MASARY Studios.

“That starts our sound work, our investigation into, ‘What does this bridge want to say? What does it sound like?’ And also as a pedestrian, what do you imagine it sounds like? We try to occupy that space between all those different perspectives.”

To flesh that out further, Vincent Lighting Systems was also brought on board to render the physical animation of the bridge.

“That consists of almost a thousand lighting fixtures, across the bridge. Each one of these fixtures is actually mapped, so we can give it commands that are intentionally scripted with our musical score,” says Edwards.

Saturday, October 12 at USITT – Ohio Valley Section’s Fall Conference

Featured Session: Behind the Scenes: BLINK 2019 Rumble the Singing Bridge

Talk with the designers and technicians of Rumble the Roebling Sings.

  • Deep dive into what it takes to pull off a project of this scale and how it came together.
  • Take a behind the scenes look of how it went from an idea to reality.
  • Have the opportunity to talk with the designers about how they approached the project and at the same time be able to see how the technical side all came together from 2D drawings to 3D to full Pre-visualization.

Presented by Maria Finkelmeier of Masary Studios and Peter Martino of Vincent Lighting Systems.

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