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Houses of Worship

Lighting has a huge impact on your congregation. Trust Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) to help create the perfect environment for worship.

The lighting in your church has a huge impact on your congregation. Decisions on lighting can affect everything from the general appearance of the church, to the mood of the congregation and even the perception of your message.

Worship lighting is typically a mix of theatrical, architectural and TV/Video lighting. VLS specializes in all of these areas to address your lighting challenges.

Whether your church is a black box style warehouse conversion or a traditional sanctuary, we can help determine and implement the best lighting system to address your needs, your budget and your future.

Every church, every service, and every pastor is different. Understanding the way your church works helps us develop a system that supports your ministry. Long after your new lighting has been installed, VLS will still be here for you, to offer you guidance, rentals, supplies, regular maintenance, and repair. The rapport we build with your team in the initial project is just the starting point; our goal is to earn you as a customer for life.

We can do everything that we need to do. We are very happy with the results.
—Sue Landgrebe, Crossroads Church–Uptown—

Building or renovating a house of worship? We can help.

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