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Exterior & Architectural

Exterior lighting enhances the way we see architecture and how we perceive a space. Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) can change your building, structure, or bridge from a silhouette on the skyline, to a jewel of your city.

Lighting architecture properly can transform a dark, bland building or storefront into a beautiful treasure. VLS can highlight unique architectural details or add movement to the most ordinary of structures. Proper lighting will provide safety in low-lit areas and welcome visitors.

With our knowledge, experience, and skills, we can help you find the right technology, solve installation challenges, and work with you throughout the design, building, and commissioning process.

Bridges can bring identity to a city skyline. Highlight the intricate details and structure with energy-efficient LED lighting. VLS can provide reliable outdoor-rated LED lighting that brings a powerful punch to cover the expansive distance, while providing consistent color across all fixtures for a smooth, even wash over the entire bridge span. Today’s energy-efficient LED products are durable, reliable and will provide proper illumination without high energy and maintenance costs.

The changing light patterns will be the crown jewel of the whole Big Four Project.
—David Karem, Waterfront Development Corporation—

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